Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sage and Rosemary Shrimp and an Italian White

Momma was asked for suggestions for white wines regarding summer food recipes .

Momma Explains: Many summer chefs have limited knowledge concerning the varied possibilities involving white wines especially the offerings from Italy or Spain, since most people only look for reds from these regions. Italy and Spain both offer unique varietals and I hope you will leave your comfort zone and try them. Remember to read any information either at the store or on the wine label which would indicate possible meal accompaniments or flavors that the wine offers. I found a delightful Italian white, Campo Al Mare, Vermentino Di Toscana 2006, which makes a perfect enhancement for my simple but delicious, Sage and Rosemary Shrimp. You may serve the shrimp over pasta or as an hors d'oeuvre. If you do serve it over pasta make sure you prepare enough shrimp in rosemary and butter to properly coat the pasta. ( Only al dente pasta will do )

Momma's Shrimp with Sage and Rosemary: Melt 1/4 pound butter, or one stick of butter and 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil in large fry pan. Do this on a medium temperature then stir together as butter melts, add two minced cloves of garlic and one pound of shelled and deveined shrimp. Sprinkle the cleaned shrimp with some sea salt and pepper to taste. The shrimp is best fresh but if you use already cooked you MUST shorten your cooking time or the shrimp will be tough. As the shrimp turns pink, flip over and add about one tablespoon of roughly chopped sage and one small sprig of Rosemary. Rosemary is a strong herb so you do not want it to overpower the dish. As soon as the flipped side of the shrimp is pink, then the shrimp is done. Remove the Rosemary sprig and discard, squeeze one lemon wedge into mixture and stir, turn off heat. Check and make sure your shrimp is pink on both sides. This literally cooks in minutes so don't go putting on a load of wash while this simmers. Toss your shrimp, oil & butter dish so all shrimp have been coated with the varied elements. You can just gently stir with a big spoon too. Now you are ready to pour your chilled wine, which has been sitting out after refrigeration for awhile. Remember, whites are not served directly from the fridge but they are served chilled. Grab a big loaf of crusty bread and enjoy !
If you will be serving this with pasta, make sure you start the pasta BEFORE the shrimp as the pasta will need to be ready at the same time. I usually double the shrimp recipe for one pound of pasta. Garnish the dish with extra lemon wedges and some sprigs of Rosemary for those who want a more pungent mouthful.

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