Thursday, July 2, 2009

Letting them GO, Letting them GROW

Momma wants you to know that we all struggle with parenting. One question that often arises is
" How do I know when to let them go, even if it means they may fall?"

Momma Explains
: Simply, as you let go, let them grow. If your child wants to do something that causes you concern, first examine the motivation for their request and the reasons for your concern. Although it is difficult to remain clinical, an unemotional approach is beneficial in analyzing the situation. When a child wants to try something new such as riding a bike, they often instinctively know that they are ready. While you may need to bandage a scraped knee or two, the child with the proper precautions, will learn to ride that bike. A bandaged knee does not keep a child from growing. Letting them try to ride that bike is a step toward their independence and self sufficiency, it is not a step toward self-destruction. When a child wishes to try something that you believe may be leading toward self-destruction, then you say " No !". Determining whether your fear is justified is a challenge which is why I do advocate using both literary sources and peer sources. Other mothers and fathers who share your value system are a wonderful source of advice. Good child development and parenting books are a worthwhile investment. We really do enter parenthood with little expertise or experience, which is why we are always learning along with our children. We do, however, have an obligation to prepare ourselves for the challenges of parenthood by reading, consulting and praying. Lord knows, we all need to pray our way through parenting.
As my children continue to grow, I watch them enter their own phases of parenting and I am touched when they seek my advice. Grandparents are a sound advisory board and they have that wonderful thing called experience on their side. Not all experiences are good but we can learn from failure as well as success. So as you continue down the road of child rearing, use your own instincts, sound judgment, outside literature, clinicians, friends and family but most of all use a prayer every night that you will guide your children to Grow as they Go.

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