Friday, July 31, 2009

Tell Them That You LOVE Them

Momma was talking on the phone with one of her daughters about a stressfull situation, when we were ready to end the call, Momma said," I LOVE you, you are a great kid!" My daughter paused and I could hear the joy in her voice when she said, "Thanks, I love you too."

Momma Explains: As parents we may not be able to solve every problem our children have or advise on each situations. We may not be able to bail them out of financial difficulties or heal all their wounds BUT we can and should always offer them our unconditional LOVE. That does not mean there will not be times when we are at odds or angry with one another. but the LOVE, it just keeps on giving and rising above a situation. There have been many occasions when I had to suffer the limits of my own humanity and watch my children plow through pain or stress, but it is true that those tough times can really make you resourceful and stronger. Most importantly at difficult times in anyone's life, offer prayer and love. That is a very powerful combination.
We also need to remember to tell people that WE LOVE THEM. Do you really ever get tired of hearing about being loved? I hope each of you will turn to someone today, smile and say, " Hey, I love you, you are great !" Then see how much joy and positive self esteem you produced with such a simple act of love.

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  1. My mother was always wonderful about telling me that she loved me every day.

    Ever since my sons were born, I've tried to tell them that I love them every chance I get.

    When I put them in their room to play I tell them that I love them as I close the door. After every diaper change I hug them and say 'Daddy loves you.'. Before my wife and I lay them down for bed at night they get tickles and we say we love them.

    Being at home with them since my wife's post-partum drove her back to work has been the most frustrating, challenging, irritating, rewarding, wonderful experience of my life.

    I both look forward to, and dread, the day that they go into school and I go back to work myself, because it will mean that I'm no longer there for every scraped knee and bumped head.

    I can only hope that we remain as close through the years as we are right now, and that I never forget just how much I love them.