Thursday, July 16, 2009

A sense of Humor always Helps

Momma has watched many families including her own go through good times and bad. How do they do it and still keep going?

Momma explains : Life is not going to be easy all the time but you can always find a way. You do this with the support of friends and family, a lot of prayer and a sense of humor. Being able to laugh at our own idiosyncrasies and mistakes is key. It also helps to be able to see the lighter side of most situations. In ancient times, philosophers divided the body into four main body fluids that the philosophers believed influenced health and temperament based on the amount of each in the body. In a way they were correct, people who are humorous have a better temperament and medical research has indicated that a positive attitude contributes significantly to our health. In fact, those who maintain a more cheerful disposition recover faster from illness. I believe God gave us a sense of humor to not only laugh at the absurd but at our own frailties also. We are not perfect and will make mistakes but we can overcome them, especially if we smile. Even Momma needs a sense of humor, recently I wrote a blog about the marvels of our own hand. I noted that we all should be grateful for this magnificent part of our body. Shortly after I wrote that piece, I tore a tendon on my left hand and I am now wearing a splint. This will be on for 8 weeks and I am so challenged with many tasks. I truly appreciate the use of all my digits and look forward to the healing of my finger. Yet, I truly must chuckle as I walk around with my splint and think about my injury occurring after I had written the blog. I mean quite clearly, God has a sense of Humor too.

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