Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remembering to give Thanks

Momma knows we do not wake up each day just full of energy and excitement but we can wake up to joy.

Momma Explains: One year I decided to get up each morning and thank God for something in my life. I would do this each day with out any repeats. At first I thought it would actually be a challenge to find that many things to be grateful to have BUT was I surprised as the list grew. First, we need to start by recognizing the small things in our lives that have made us happier, or our lives easier. Sometimes it is something as simple as the clouds in the sky, which give us beauty and rain and a great game of imagination if you watch them. Friends, family, food, birds, flowers, herbs, trains, computers, all took on a different light as I saw gratitude in their presence. I suddenly found that I was noticing things and people around me, noticing their value and my thanks. I offered thanks for the drivers who take my garbage each week, bless them. I offered thanks for pencils, really, pencils. Imagine when all they had was ink and quills? Our lives are so full of people, moments, items, and luxuries that we take for granted. Often the most minute items are the ones that we would be distraught if we had to live without them. For example, how would you do with out matches? Man did discover fire quite awhile ago, but every time we need to light the candles on our table, in the bathroom or more importantly on a birthday cake, have you ever been thankful. You should be, my icing would be running off the cake if we had to wait for me to rub flint and sticks to strike a spark. It is actually a joyous experience when you begin to realize all that you have for which to thank the Lord. Suddenly we are far richer than we knew. Try this THANKS game for a week, have the children participate. See what they discern as gifts and feel yourself responding to the joy of knowing that we are loved for we are so blessed, just look at the clouds.

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