Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cherry Raspberry Reduction Sauce

Momma had a great conversation with Cynthia from the Bottle Shop of Spring Lake. What did we discuss?

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Momma Explains: Why, we discussed wine and food pairing and our own personal preferences that make our cooking unique.
The Bottle Shop ( bottleshop.com) is one of my favorite wine stores, it offers a distinctive array of wines and spirits as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere. Each of the Murray clan are knowledgeable and helpful and make the entire wine buying experience a joy. I always learn some new wine tidbit, taste a superb cheese or catch a great buy from the many advantageous sales available.
Recently I tried Domaine Notre Dame de Cousignac, Syrah-Grenache , Recolte 2007. This gem just danced when combined with my cherry-raspberry reduction sauce. You can pour this sauce over either pork or chicken. I chose pork.
Mommas Cherry -Raspberry Reduction Sauce
Chop 2 shallots and simmer in one stick of butter till softened, add 1 cup chicken stock, add salt and pepper to taste, add about a tablespoon of fresh thyme if available. If you do not have fresh thyme just skip it, dried will not do, and let mixture simmer. Mixture should have a nice flavor so a pinch of salt is not enough but add to your salt preference.
In another pot add one cup of the Syrah-Grenache, 2 cups pitted cherries (sweetened canned are fine), one small package of frozen raspberries ( about 10 oz. )and 1/4 cup of sugar. Stir while cooking and reduce till syrup like, this will take at least 20 minutes so start the cherry sauce first . After it is thickened then combine with the chicken stock mixture. While the syrup is reducing fry your pork chops or thin chicken cutlets. Now, either add your cooked chicken or pork to the sauce and let simmer about 7 minutes or so. Do not let it burn.
I use thin pork chops, batter dip and fry in olive oil first. They cook very quickly but use a meat thermometer if you prefer. The cherry flavor in this wine explodes when accompanied by the reduction sauce. I would get two bottles of this Domaine Notre Dame, it is so good.

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