Thursday, June 25, 2009

Youth give me Inspiration

Momma was asked to help a friend's daughter who had car trouble after driving about 800 miles. Momma expected to find a very frustrated and depressed young lady but that was not the case.

Momma Explains: Cross country trips can be daunting, but for the young recent college graduate, who have limited funds and unlimited energy, it is an adventure. A young lady, I know came east to attend a wedding and drove the long trip alone, happy to be a part of her friends joy. Once near her destination her car ( which she has only owned for less than 6 months) began to experience gear malfunction and transmission problems. She did not panic but went on to the wedding and then after the festivities called her parents for guidance. Her parents, of course are about 700 miles away. They asked some questions and decided to call the local road side assistance and then dialed me to see if I could give her some advice. I drove over to where she was diligently and patiently waiting for her tow truck, it took about an hour. Here she was, just having driven hundreds of miles, attended a wedding dressed in a beautiful yellow dress and sitting serenely waiting for help. When the mechanic did a quick observation, he indicated she probably had transmission problems which would be expensive to repair and also that she would not be able to return to the mid-west until the repairs were completed. To further complicate and exasperate the story the young lady had just landed a job and was expected to start immediately. At this point I was ready to pull out my hankie and start wondering what the heck this poor kid was to do, the little rise of panic was setting in for me. Luckily, this girl was made of better stuff, she was made of faith and spirit. She called her dad to explain the situation and when he asked her what she would do she replied' Well, I guess I will pray about it and let the Lord take it from there." WOW, talk about having her head on straight and more importantly her incredible belief that God will somehow manage to unburden us when we need it. In all situations, good and bad, the Lord is there for those who ask. Kelly thanked me for my help but it is I who owe her. She reaffirmed my belief in the wonderful youth who are coming of age, she reminded me that God can do ALL things, she redirected my thoughts to a bigger picture and outcome and most of all she made me smile to see her sitting in her lovely yellow dress just happy to be a part of this glorious gift we have been given, called LIFE. Thank you Kelly, get home safely.

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  1. What an amazing story! I will remember that next time I am grumbling about traffic or too many red lights! :)