Thursday, June 18, 2009

College Kids Return Home

Momma spoke with many other parents who have College students now returning home. What was an anticipated reunion has become an INVASION !

Momma Explains:
Before our children left for college we diligently loaded them up with new supplies necessary for their survival in the academic circus and dorm jungle. From aspirin to sheets, small refrigerators to popcorn cases, we shopped it all. We sent then off fully armed to face LIFE ON THEIR OWN. What we forgot is that they would be returning with ALL their newly acquired paraphernalia and any other items they managed to salvage during their stay at school. These items now are scattered, literally, through out the house. Hampers, Boxes, Microwaves, Clothes, Bedding, Books ( yes they did actually purchase some) , a multitude of stuff including the moldy refrigerator that must now only be used for the benefit of science. This collection has managed to invade hallways, garages, rooms, kitchens and any unused crevice available. It is the clutter of chaos decorative theme, and you must now navigate normalcy out of this. Short of torching it all in a big pork roast for the neighborhood, I really think each parent should be provided a SANITY SHED from the college. After all, those schools are charging quite a sum to house and educate the child, they do not provide the extemporaneous necessities so we do, but for goodness sakes, let them house them in a school provided SHED. What a great way to stimulate the economy, we need SHED makers, and SHED shippers, we could rent the SHEDS for a nominal fee. This is SHED housing, right on campus. Then, when the student returns to school all the mold, germs, and articles will have been safely housed at their school. Okay, now what parents are going to support this idea, lets get the economy off to a great start. SHED-mania for our sanity.

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  1. This would have been extremely helpful when I was in school... and I would not have had to perform gymnastic feats to get from my bed to the door of my room during the summers (with all my college paraphernalia piled high throughout the room).