Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick Salmon Bake

Momma likes to make a fish dinner but I like it to be moist.

Momma Explains: Cooking fish is always a challenge for me, it really dries out quickly and I can't tell if it is done by using a meat thermometer. Some fish will flake easily( such as salmon) when cooked but others such as Chilean sea bass produce another texture when finished cooking. I only have a few solid fish recipes. This is my salmon bake recipe, I have cooked it on the grill but this recipe is done in the oven at 400F. Try a nice chardonnay with Salmon, I like unoaked chardonnay. Do not be afraid to buy whites, they can be the perfect beverage for a fish or light fare dish. If Chardonnay is too heavy, I just always like Riesling, on the dry side of course. Arugula salad and Asian noodles are great sides with this dish.

Salmon Bake
Preheat oven to 400

Place some 6 oz salmon fillets on aluminum foil, each fillet should go in one foil packet. Then brush both sides of the fillets with olive oil. Sprinkle with some sea salt and pepper. Squeeze some lemon juice on top of fillets. Just a little on each. Then place one large pat of butter on top of the fillets and some chopped chives. I like a lot of chives but it is up to you. Slice a sweet onion and top each fillet with a slice or two of THINLY sliced onion. Fold aluminum foil around salmon so it makes a packet and bake for 15 minutes. Take packets out and let sit in foil for about 5 minutes. While the salmon is cooking make a salad with mixed greens and arugula, then cook up some quick cooking Asian noodles. The lighter noodles cook faster than you can get the bowl out.
A nice healthy dinner, ready very quickly. Sounds good to me!

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