Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Generous Heart of America

Momma knows our country may not be perfect but we sure step up when people are in need.

Momma Explains: The recent devastating earthquake and aftershocks have left the people of Haiti in truly heart breaking conditions. Their losses are incredible and their need is great. Many countries have offered support but not one comes close the The United States of America. In our stores , in our churches, in our communities and our schools, in each one of these locations, there are relief efforts and opportunities. I personally know physicians who are trying to get to Haiti to offer their services. There are donation locations around every bend and the money is coming in. People are opening up their wallets even when our economic climate is not good. The reason is quite simple; the people of America have the biggest hearts in the world. We are a country blessed with many freedoms and we do not hesitate to share our successes with others. That heart, that generosity, those freedoms are what makes America so great. So the next time some foreign dignitary complains about American capitalism, American influences or American self-assurance, I ask him, " Hey, who do want to have YOUR back when disaster strikes? " Yeah, that's what I thought, the USA wins every time.

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