Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fairy Wings; The Perfect Accessory

Dawn Fairy Wings

: has two grand daughters that love to play dress up but one could give us all a lesson in fashion fun.
Momma Explains: My grand daughters watch the many children fantasy movies that are available and of course, emulate the main characters. Sometimes they are fairies, princesses, wicked witches or queens. They are ready to embrace their role and their wands. It is so much fun to watch them delve into a cushioned world of imagination and magic. I wish we could do the same with the more caustic components of life. Well, my youngest grand daughter has attempted to transcend the imaginary into the rational. ( I think they tried to do that in math theory as well) Anyway, the two year old loves her fairy wings and wears them everywhere. She has been told that she does not have flying capability but wears them none the less. Her three year old sister was very disappointed to discover that the wings were not aviator quality and dismissed them. Luckily her empirical experiment involved jumping off her bed and when she did not soar into the air, she returned the offending wings to her mother stating, " These do NOT work!" Of course there followed a lecture on the fact that all dress ups and their accessories were PRETEND and did not defy the laws of physics. The three year old left the lecture disappointed but the two year old smiled and put on her wings, grabbed her wand and fairy skirt ( okay I spoil them rotten) and she pranced around changing chairs into horses and leaping about the room. She still loves her wings and now has taken to wearing them outside the house, in public. At first my daughter tried to discourage this new fashion but the two year old was so adamant that they let her don her wings on outings. The presence of the wings is truly the perfect accessory. People look and smile, other children approach because they recognize a true spirit of fun and everyone who meets a youngster with wings is taken back to those magic moments in childhood when the world was so full of our imagination and adventure. I love those wings, in fact I am thinking about getting myself a pair. I bet they would wait on me first in those long check out lines because if they didn't I would whip out my wand !!!

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  1. What an awesome post! On especially taxing days at work a pair of wings is exactly what I need!