Thursday, December 17, 2009

The neighborhood light show

Momma loves looking at Christmas lights and the yearly tour our family takes has become a Christmas Eve tradition.

Momma Explains: Each family seems to develop its own set of traditions. Many of these traditions originate with the holidays or a personal celebration. This individualized heritage is special to each family. Some traditions such as the feast of the 7 fishes is an ethnic tradition that Italian families enjoy on Christmas Eve. Legend states that the 7 fishes represent the 7 sacraments and 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. As with many traditions, the feast is associated with a religious holiday. Our family does celebrate many of these ethnic traditions but we also started a few of our own. One of our favorites is to drive around some time after dark, on Christmas Eve, with a radio or a CD playing Christmas music, and we slowly enjoy the myriad of light displays. It is a joyous experience and we each have our particular display favorites. What ever our preference, the time we get to spend together, even if only 30 minutes or so, is a time which emphasizes the joy and magic of Christ's birth. This year, I encourage everyone to find some magic moments for your family to share. Moments free of gift giving and just share a song, a light display or a prayer as a family.
May you be blessed with the light of the world and lots of Christmas cookies !

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