Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Buying Wines For the Holidays

Momma loves to have company and my company loves to have wine. How do you meet the vino lovers needs without breaking your budget?

Momma Explains: Wine served per person is more expensive than the average beer cost. That is not including imported or high end beers. However, despite the fact that wine costs more, it has a higher alcohol content and people will drink less. Hopefully all your guests will drink responsibly and have a wonderful time at your festive gathering.
Now, since the economy is tight, there are actually great opportunities to make some awesome wine purchases for less. In many locales you can have the wine merchant email you their specials for the month and the sales are well worth checking out. In Pennsylvania , I know the State controls the sales of wine, however they also have some exceptional buys because they purchase in great quantity. If you go into any wine store, the fastest way to find the deals is to ask a knowledgeable employee. Your question is simply" Could you please show me the wines that are rated a 90 or better that are less than $15.00?" They do exist and they will be good. You will need to purchase both white and red for a party. Riesling, Vouvray or a sweet Muscadet are good whites. Shiraz or Syrah and Cabernet blends make good red choices. I am particularly fond of Spanish and Chilean wines which are made from grapes that you may not have encountered but are quite good. They are often steals too. I would easily purchase a case of red and white for my entertaining needs, especially if the price is right. Buy a case with a mix of wines and regions, you should still get a discount and it offers fun variety. I always try to bring a bottle of wine when invited to dine at some one's house and people enjoy trying new regions or vintners.
The trick to purchasing good wine at good prices is to know the ratings and the most reliable rating tasters. I am usually very comfortable with the ratings by the Wine Advocate and the Wine Spectator. While other reliable wine rating individuals exist, I have found these two the best and the most reliable.
You can find inexpensive wines that will make your guests feel very spoiled, shop early, shop wisely, use the store staff and the rating system and in vino veritas.


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