Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering our freedom is not free

Momma has great respect for all the military personnel who make daily sacrifices to preserve the constitution and freedoms of the U.S. However, there are other unsung heroes who are often unrecognized, they deserve our thanks, our support, and our prayers.

Momma Explains: While most of us are familiar with the incredible sacrifices that our various military units make on our behalf, I wonder how many of us really understand the tremendous sacrifices that are asked of the families of those deployed or serving actively. The families live a restricted life, have limited incomes, demanding schedules and live with the fear of dangerous deployment. Momma has seen first hand the long months of separation, the demands of single parenting, the lonely holidays and burden that is borne by the families of our military. I have watched families wave goodbye to their dads, moms, sons and daughters, and their lives have been changed by this sacrifice. There are many brave parents, spouses, and children who face each day alone because their loved one is preserving our freedom. So as we start another school year and prepare for the consecutive upcoming holidays, keep in mind and prayer, all the families of our men and women serving to keep our freedom. Many of these families will enjoy the holidays without their loved one, children will perform in concerts and plays with only one parent attending and spouses will try to keep joy despite their own concerns. Freedom is not free and we need to thank and remember all those who ensure our liberty.

Here is a link for a video that shows one wounded warrior and his family, who have continued to help others even when they have their own demanding challenges. It is commendable and I urge you to view.


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