Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never Quit on Your Kids

Momma has had her share of educational battles on behalf of her children and other children who needed an advocate. How far do you go on behalf of the children?

Momma Explains: You go as far as it takes. Sometimes, you need to fight the bureaucracy of the education system, at other times, it is a poor evaluation, poor teacher, abusive bully, misguided parent or inadequate curriculum. Your first duty as a parent is for your child's welfare: spiritual, academic, and physical. When you suspect your child is ill, you take them to the doctors and so it should also be that way in other areas of child development. You need to monitor and administrate your child's educational health as well as you monitor their physical health. Thanks to the Internet, many parents are able to research different medical conditions, terms, treatments and symptoms. By expanding our medical knowledge, we are better able to make a medical decision with the physician. I have found, however, that the world is a lot slower to accept parental input on education. Now that is a double edged sword. I have seen many parents who insist that their child is capable of taking a class beyond their abilities or a parent who is adamant that their child does NOT have a learning disability when indeed the child does. Yet, for every one of these parents, I have also seen a parent who instinctively knows what their child needs and often the education system is ignoring that need. So many kids fall under the radar because they are borderline. Well, you can cross the border very easily and few would notice. That is why it is important that parents remain diligent in their supervision and awareness of their child's education. Know what is going on in the classroom, make friends with another parent and bounce information off each other. Read the school's policies and handbook. Ask for help if you or your child is in need. Ask for a child advocate in situations that are more serious. Ask for an evaluation in writing: the school must respond to written requests. We are our children's first line of defense, first teacher, first advisor, first prayer partner. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and arm yourself with knowledge, advice , prayer and always LOVE.

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  1. Very well written. I take my children's academic health very seriously as well. Borderline obsessive? Maybe. Shouldn't I be?