Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chris' Clams and Linguine

Momma has an unusual situation in her family, food allergies to shell fish. Now what is an Italian momma to do?

Momma Explains: Okay, now it happens in all families, food allergies. The Italian solution is to still make the food with an alternative. In my family there are a few members who are allergic to shellfish. Does this mean I do not make clams and linguine? Of course not, but you make all the pasta at once and have different sauces available. I always put some pasta aside for children or adults. I add the simple combination of butter and freshly ground Locatelli, maybe a little oregano. This is simplicity at its best and always enjoyed. Then I make my Chris, his clams and linguine. I serve a little white such as Luna or Holly's Blend. It is delicious and so simple.
Chris' Clams and Linguine: I purchase clams in a can, chopped clams not minced. I use 3 cans per pound of pasta but you can always use less pasta. Do not skimp on the clams. Boil your pasta water and add loads of salt. Have a good brand of linguine ready. In a saucepan coat the entire bottom with olive oil, and add about 3 tablespoons of butter, heat . Then using a garlic press, press into the oil mix 5 cloves of garlic, some salt and pepper and a bunch of chives or parsley minced. I prefer chives while my daughter prefers parsley, hey , it is up to you. Then open your clams and add ONLY the juice to the oil mixture. Let this cook about 20 minutes or so on medium heat. Meanwhile, add your pasta to the pasta water and cook till al dente. Then quickly add your clams to your sauce and cook only 5 minutes till heated. If you over cook clams, it makes them rubbery. Drain your pasta and toss into the sauce pan. Heat about 1-2 minutes and serve, garnish with fresh lemon wedges. Many people add grated cheese. It is a personal preference. This is Italian cooking in its simple yet delicious finest. Use the freshest ingredients possible and serve with love.

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