Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My family is taste challenged

Momma likes to try different ethnic recipes, sometimes and present the novel experience to her family but it is not always a hit.

Momma Explains
: I was given a crock pot recipe from someone I trust. Now this person is not a cook that loves to cook but I have had some nice fixings at her house so when she suggested a recipe for salsa chicken that you make in the crock pot, well, I thought I would break out of macaroni mold and go for it. I rarely use the crock pot as it seems impossible to make a full meal in one itty bitty pot. As it was cooking, the chicken smelled tasty and I am a big fan of salsa so I was eager to try the recipe. I even served it on tortilla chips and a nice wedge of lettuce. It had all the visuals of one of those chain restaurant menu items. Gees...what a flop and my guys were dismayed ,I knew it was a bomb when Poppa went to the fridge, took out the salami and provolone and proceeded to eat over a pound. The others just pushed some of the food around, ate some chips and made popcorn. What a disappointment. Even I have to admit, the chicken was tougher than I like and the salsa was flimsy. It tasted more like an appetizer than a meal. I have learned that those shared recipes should first be administered to Momma, maybe I would change some aspect to fit our taste palate better but at least this time ,the fridge had salami and provolone. Speaking of that I better run out to the store and buy more. You never know when I may feel multicultural again. Oh, anybody want to try salsa chicken? I have extra.

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