Thursday, February 11, 2010

Graciousness, a welcome attribute

Momma made many mistakes in her life but will always be grateful to those who overlooked her faults and treated her with gracious courtesy.

Momma Explains: Gracious courtesy is abysmally lacking in much of today's society. Good manners, polite conversation, modesty, humility and kindness have been replaced with boorish behavior, rude interjections, wardrobe failures, conceit and selfishness. What are we doing ?

We have forgotten an earmark of civilized behavior. That earmark is graciousness. I think it is important to look at the word graciousness, it has the same root base ( gratia) as the word grace. Both words speak to us of harmony, compassion and theologically of God's love to man. I think we could all use a little more grace and graciousness. Without intent, many of us have forgotten to be gentle with each other. We are so goal driven, and self absorbed that we overlook the beauty of our humanity and each other. Being courteous and gracious does have merit and welcome effects. If you speak to anyone with civility and gentility, they will be more comfortable and compassionate. If you on the other hand attack them verbally, they instinctively respond defensively. People on the defense protect themselves. They cannot share or compromise because they are in the fight or flight mode. However, if we approach all situations with serenity and gracious concern, we demonstrate our respect for people and their reaction is more open and positive. Is it really so difficult to treat each other with dignity and courtesy? Be gracious, be graceful, be understanding. It is far more relaxing and the benefits are gratifying.

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