Thursday, November 19, 2009

Villains and Fairies of Fashion Merchandising

Momma was out shopping at her favorite Department store but was dismayed to fall victim to fashion merchandising.

Momma Explains: I was happily one of the first people to open the local department store for their ONE DAY SALE. Of course there are going to be a lot of one day sales but I wanted first peek at the low costs. I piled myself with Christmas gifts, used my coupons, my % off discounts, my card for extra savings and was about to leave. Then, it happened, I passed the children's department. Standing in the end cap were gorgeous dresses for the holidays. Velvet sleeves, sparkles, tulle, satin, moire, every fabric imaginable. In short, they were a little girl's fairy princess dream. I was smitten since I have grand daughters. The end cap display featured the older girl's sizes, 7 - 16. To my surprise the dresses were 60% off the original price of $48.00, and I was awed. These were prom dress quality at an incredible price and then with a 60% off. I ran, literally, probably took out a couple of mannequins, but made it to the toddler department. The exact same dresses were on display only in the smaller sizes. I quickly perused the rack, picked out the most luscious dresses to make a little girl gush, then sped to the check out. As I stood in line I noticed the price tag on the toddler size dresses- $ 85.00, whoa, there must be a mistake. The size 16 was only $48.00 and it was three times the material. This had to be wrong, but alas, the fairy princess has met the evil villain, fashion merchandiser !! Yes, we can easily get our little , toddler girls to wear fairy princess gowns. In fact every other grand mom was out buying the same thing and was willing to overlook the ridiculous price for a 2T, but we cannot easily convince a 12 year old that velvet and tulle are in, not when their idea of dressing up is to wear jeans with out holes in them. So I sadly had to leave the magic shopping arena, and gaze at the large assortment of size 7 -16 dresses, a steal at a final cost of $20.00, I really considered buying them anyway, after all fairy princesses wear a lot of slips. Maybe someday, 12 year olds will want to be a fairy princess again.

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