Thursday, November 5, 2009


Momma can't believe how many people now have allergies, including many in her own family. How did the allergy epidemic emerge?

Momma Explains: Have we suddenly become a nation of hypochondriacs, overly sensitive to every allergen and contaminate? I do not think the evolutionary curve has suddenly turned exponential. I do believe we have better detection abilities and more research has uncovered allergic conditions that were idiopathic illnesses in the past. I think many lives have been saved due to better evaluations and medications. However, I also believe we are a community of chemicals. We have so much exposure to chemical agents and processed foods that we are missing the benefits to fresh foods and whole foods. This does create a need for better food supplies without chemical additives and pesticides. In some aspects we have created allergic conditions wile trying to avoid natural products and normal processes. My dad always teased me that my children did not eat enough dirt, because I was always trying to kill germs and sanitize. In some ways he was correct, my children have allergies. I do not remember any of my siblings having allergies and I think we did eat dirt.

Perhaps in our efforts to keep our children safe from the many bacteria and viral agents we have not allowed them to build up an efficient immune system. If this is true, then we have conundrum. Just how do we expose our children to germs without exposing them to danger? I do not have a concrete answer but I do know that I do need to find a balance. The kids who had the continual runny noses as children seem to be very healthy now and allergy free. I guess they got just enough dirt. If anyone has any comments on this challenge, I would love to hear about your thoughts and experience. We are very blessed to have the medical expertise and knowledge in today's world but I hope we still have common sense and natural instincts. There has got to be a better answer to allergies than concstant medication.

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