Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bargains Galore

85% OFF
PLUS 10%

Momma loves to shop, in fact I consider it an art form and investigative skill.

Momma Explains: While the economy struggles to rise, we all are tightening our belts but if we are, then so are the retailers. In a way, since we have less to spend, demand is less and therefore prices fall. Now, I am not the economic whiz that some people are but I can calculate a percent off sale faster than a calculator. Tell me the percent off and I can figure what it will cost in seconds, yes seconds. Hey, when you are shopping against the other professional savers, math counts, as does long arms and quick grabs. Now with the current sales conditions, I have noticed an increase in sales and coupons. My favorite is the free shipping option that Landsend has been offering and many other merchants are offering free shipping as well. Beware the fine print on some of the online gimmicks, their free shipping only applies to certain items.
As the Holidays draw near, I think the merchants will be ready to unload their products at significant savings. After all ,they can only make money if YOU buy something. Keep an eye on an item that you want to purchase. In this economic clime, cashmere is not beyond your grasp. I shop the finer retail stores clearance racks, and I ask the sales personnel if there are any other markdowns which are not out. They are more than happy to clear out the back room. Many people think that to save money then you must shop the discount chains, well I can tell you that I have paid 10% of the original cost of quality merchandise by shopping clearance and multiple sale discount racks. Maybe I am robo-shopper but all the people who receive my gifts are glad that I am. Now, check out the newspaper, cut your coupons and do the math. Shopping is an art form and my idea of competition.

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