Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reading a Book, the real comfort food

Momma has great appreciation for the internet and other media communication but there are some downsides.

Momma Explains: The mass availability of eternal and often, unregulated information is astronomical The speed at which we can access anything from airline tickets to pictures of a pyramid, not to mention those great blogs with food and family advice, is really amazing. It allows us the opportunity to gain knowledge on medical conditions that before the Internet, would have been information known only to those who studied medicine. This rapid communication device presents us with instant messaging, chat rooms and similar. Student's papers are quickly researched, and typed, and printed without leaving your home. That is very convenient but there are concerns. First, there is the unfortunate availability of predators, misinformation, viruses, inaccurate medical facts, cheat sheets, and so many bytes of damaging exposure. Careful parental regulation is important as well as recognition that many sites could easily be publishing inaccurate or false information. Secondly, we have all become far lazier when researching and rarely go to the original source of published information, a book, I mean the actual book with binding and pages, and print. There is something cathartic when we read a book and discern information with our own thought process, books are journeys and they are a longer, well organized, well edited cohesive compilation of research, insight and facts. Thirdly, I worry that we are limiting our knowledge and experience to the Internet only. The Internet only contains what someone has chosen to put there, maybe there is something in a library or book store that will serve your needs better. Keep a book in mind nest time you need to sail through Internet information,maybe you should try a luxury cruise instead, with a book.

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