Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gaining info when away from home

Momma knows that we all take trips away from our home and or area. When we are away, it can be frustrating finding a restaurant, shopping mall, service or hospital. So what is the best way to get information when you are the stranger?

Momma Explains: In my many years of traveling, some planned and some unplanned I have found one reliable source of information. That source has always been an individual or individuals that seem to be on your wavelength and are familiar with the locale or would have a need to know the same information. That may seem daunting but it is not as difficult as it sounds. I often strike up a conversation on a plane and inquire if the other person is familiar with the destination. With a short conversation, you can determine whether this individual has similar taste as yourself and in turn decide whether you will glean information about restaurants etc. from them.
One time, I went to a wedding in an unfamiliar city and needed to have my hair done. Since I am not always sure if the desk personnel at the hotel will be informed, I find the nearest Talbots or other higher end women's store, I then ask the clerk at the store where their clients get their hair done. Once you find a nice salon, you can find a nail salon, a mall and more. If you find a good restaurant, ask the hostess or chef where the best wine store is located, ask at the wine store, where the best restaurant is located. If you need to find a gift for someone or a park or nice theater find people who would probably be familiar with those settings. So if you want to find a nice park for the children, stroll up to the mom with the double stroller and the 4 year old tagging along. I guarantee she will know of a good park or at least a McDonald's play land. Hey, when all else fails, just single out someone with a Gucci purse and ask for advice, I am sure they will know.

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