Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking Time To Relax

Momma likes to be active but she also finds time each summer to chill out because we all need to recharge and refresh.

Momma Explains: Sometimes we get so caught up in everything we must do that we forget what we need to do. In order to accomplish our many tasks we need the energy, the spirit, and the determination to complete our responsibilities. Staying focused is not something we can do if we keep an incessant pace without relaxation. This is not just a simple respite such as an hour break to watch TV or to go for a short walk. Small breaks are necessary on a daily basis but more time is needed to truly recharge. In the current economy, it might not be possible for people to rent a house for a week at the shore or a lake, they may not be able to stay in a fancy hotel or at an all inclusive. It is possible, however, to take several days and just pamper yourself. Even if you don't leave home, you can pretend you are away and do things that bring you joy. Our human condition requires rest and relaxation. We are not wired to work relentlessly. We are wired for joy, rest, and work. But none of those things to the exclusion of the others. Before the summer ends, try to find a good rest. You need the nourishment of relaxation just as you need food, and Momma knows about food. Be your own advocate, take a break, go see the museum near your home, go hiking, go out to dinner, take a very long walk and bring a picnic. Reconnect with the part of yourself that likes leisure, you've earned it.

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