Thursday, August 20, 2009

Over Scheduling

Momma knows we all try to do everything for everybody but that can actually have negative results

Momma Explains: Super Parenting, Super Jobs, Super Schedules, Super Busy and of course, Super Tired are not the things happy lives are made of ! Leave the impossible for Superman and you be the very best mom or dad that you can with out overextending and exhausting yourself. There is a limit to the hours in a day and the tasks that we can undertake in those hours. If you try to attend every sporting event, every meeting, every fundraiser etc. , eventually you will miss the ones that really matter. Just as we often need to tell our children to prioritize and balance their lives, we too, need to moderate our own schedules. I think many of us almost feel guilty if we do not push ourselves to be everywhere we can. Now why is that? When did we parents for get to take care of ourselves so we could continue being good parents. I try to attend events for my family, yet there are times when something demands my attention and though I might disappoint someone, I just can't attend. And you know what, everyone survives and often forgets that I was not there. It is a very fleeting dismay. However if I had attended and not accomplished the necessary task, I would have been miserable and there would have been negative repercussions. We need to allow ourselves the time to accomplish the demands of our lives with out guilt and without exhaustion. That way, when we can go to a basketball game or play, we are relaxed and enjoy the experience. You are not Superman but you are Super to that family who loves you. Take care of yourself and it is okay to say. " Sorry, I won't be able to make that but I love you ."

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