Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Didn't Need to See That !

was watching TV the other day and what she saw, well she did not want to see that.

Momma Explains: Now, Momma knows she is a bit old fashioned and that not everyone may agree with her but have you all watched TV lately? Profanity, semi nudity, violence, graphic horror, it all is on television and I am not talking about the premium channels. Heck, the commercials are sexual and barely contain clothes sometimes. You talk about a wardrobe malfunction, I think we've had a decency malfunction. What kind of example and values are being provided for our children if they intentionally or accidentally view some of these shows and commercials. There is such a lack of moral behavior, a lack of parental respect, a lack of spiritual affirmation that I wonder just what do we "get" out of most television programs. Plot lines follow the most bizarre scenarios. Since when do we need to take camera's into the MEN'S room to follow men as they converse. ( UGH ) The script could not have had all pertinent dialogue take place in more acceptable rooms? What is the need to portray an exchange over the urinal, what is wrong with the water cooler? I do not know about you other girls but there is a reason the MEN'S room door stays closed to public eyes and I am glad it is closed. Such scenes, though, are common on television as is promiscuity, abuse, and cheating. I hope we are not a reflection of what we watch because too many shows emphasize a serious lack of morals, ethics and respect. I think I know why so many people have chosen to watch sports, at least in sports, there are rules for the game and for conduct and thankfully, everyone has their clothes on.

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