Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Will Not Let You Fail

It is the end of the school year and as many look forward to the free time over the summer, we may have to deal with poor grades, a struggling student, confused teenager or even an anxious bride. As parents, everyday is a challenge and an experience. So Momma offers the following blog to hopefully encourage and embrace that which we are called to accept as parents.

"I will not let you fail !" sounds like an impossible task when it comes to our children but Momma has a different interpretation of "LET" and what it means to us as a parent.

Momma Explains
: According to most dictionaries the word " let " means to allow, permit or to grant and while as parents we do not possess super human abilities despite what our children believe,( they still think I have supernatural hearing) , we are asked to do almost supernatural tasks. And so as parents, devoted parents, we put our child's needs before our own. We are called to instruct, correct, console and encourage. We are called to direct our children away from the things that will cause them to FAIL and toward the things they need to succeed physically, emotionally and spiritually. So by the bold statement " I will not let you fail" Momma means that I will not let you do things that cause you harm, I will not walk away from you when you make a mistake, I will support you when you succeed and will pick you up when you fall. I may not be able to prevent you from making poor choices or failing at something but I will not LET you stand alone. I will accept a discipline that you have earned but I will support you through the difficulty. I will take away the computer game if it keeps you from your homework obligations, I will be the ONLY parent who does not allow their child to go to the underage drinking party!
( I always respond to the statement " But you are the ONLY ONE who won't LET me" with my favorite rebuttal ," Good I LOVE being NUMBER ONE !) Letting our children do things that are irresponsible is letting them fail. Of course it is always harder to be tough on them than to LET them have their way. Directing them is not easy, discouraging poor choices is time consuming, bucking the popular opinion is daunting but FAILING is not an option. Loving them is so easy when they are babies because they rely on and trust in us for all decisions. It is not easy to convince our child that our decisions are in their best interest when they think otherwise. It takes much fortitude when we have to pick up the child who was suspended or stand next to them at a hearing or stay up trying to encourage them to finish some blasted project ( especially when we are missing the one and only TV show all week that we take the time to watch ) - That is what Momma means when she says, " I will not let you fail ." And do not be discouraged if you can't be perfect , I mean even God our Father had to get tough and throw his kids out...Naked...and not even a meatball sandwich to take with them. However, Our Father stayed with them when they erred, corrected them, encouraged them and finally sent His Only Son to suffer and die to " Let" them Not Fail. You can remain steadfast and even when tired and down you can still press on, and your children will always know that despite all trials, in great times and scary ones, they have a foundation to stand on, one that keeps saying, I love you and
" I will not let you fail."

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